Why we choose soy wax

Why we choose soy wax

One of the most commonly asked questions about candles is whether to use Soy or Paraffin wax, and which one is better. Let's provide a brief overview of both waxes and their manufacturing process.

Soy Wax is derived from Soybeans, while Paraffin is made from the petroleum. Although Soy Wax is considered plant-based and Paraffin is derived from the excess of petroleum, it's important to note that both waxes undergo extensive refining and processing to become usable as candle wax. For instance, Soybean cultivation often involves the use of chemicals and pesticides, leading to deforestation due to the need for more agricultural fields.

Initially, the perception was that petroleum-based Paraffin was bad for health, while Soy, being plant-based, was considered healthier. However these myths emerged as companies promoted their products. With research it becomes evident that both waxes had their pros and cons.

Our preference shifted towards Soy initially due to the misconception that it burned longer and healthier. However, we eventually realized that these claims were unfounded marketing strategies. Nonetheless, the author found personal reasons to appreciate Soy wax, such as its natural off-white color and the enjoyable process of making candles with it. Additionally, we preferred Soy because they couldn't detect the wax's scent, unlike Paraffin candles, which had a subtle, less appealing odor to us. We do hope, that in the future, we will be able to extend our collection to include Paraffin candles.
In the world of candles, the debate between Soy and Paraffin wax will likely continue for years to come. Each wax type has its merits and drawbacks, making the choice a matter of personal preference and values, as both waxes have their unique appeal.

Ultimately, the magic of candles lies not just in the type of wax they're made from, but in the warmth they provide, the ambiance they create, and the memories they help forge. From romantic dinners to relaxing self-care moments, candles play a significant role in our lives.

So, whether you're lighting up your favorite Soy candle with its natural off-white glow or indulging in the warm, familiar flicker of a Paraffin candle, cherish the moments they accompany and the atmosphere they enhance.

Let's remember that the joy of candles extends beyond the choice of wax, and instead, let the gentle dance of the flame remind us to savor life's simple pleasures and find beauty in the everyday moments. 
Let us know in the comments which wax you prefer and why. 
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