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Light in Darkness Candle

Light in Darkness Candle

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Notes: Amber and Dark Musk

Size: 6oz

Wax: Pure blend of Soy and Coconut 

Experience the enchanting aura of our meticulously crafted "Light in Darkness" Candle. This exquisite blend delicately balances uplifting top notes of plum, citrus, jasmine, and amber, captivating your senses with their invigorating fragrance. As the flame flickers, the base notes of dark musk, amyris, and benzoin emerge, grounding the scent in a deep, comforting embrace.

Each candle is made from premium, all-natural ingredients, ensuring a clean and long-lasting burn. With its elegant design, it enhances any decor, making it perfect for creating a soothing ambiance or gifting to someone special. Let the luminous serenity of "Light in Darkness" guide you to moments of tranquility and blissful relaxation.

These candles are a beautiful addition to modern home decor, or a great option as a travel candle. The tin material is sturdy and the lid turns into a perfect coaster when the need arises for a heat resistant surface.


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